Simple Cooking Hacks to Save You Time and Money

I’m always striving to save time and cook healthy meals for my family and myself. I’m creating and trying new recipes and constantly pinning meals. Over the years I’ve learned a few cooking hacks that have luckily come to save me time and avoid fast food and prepared convenience foods – which still occasionally happens, don’t get me wrong. (I’m far from perfect!)

If you’re on a mission to make healthy meals for your family but you’re lacking extra time, try a few of these cooking hacks. They’re sure to make your life easier and if you have any tips, please leave me a comment. (Sharing is caring!)

  1. Have a Plan. It takes time to make a plan but guess what; it will save you time and money. Each week I make a meal plan and know what we’re eating for all of our meals for the week. I then can prep for the meals on Sunday evening, freeze ingredients if needed. This also makes grocery shopping easier and faster. I’m not aimlessly wandering the isles.
  2. Stock Items. If you use a certain canned item or boxed noodles, for example, stock up on these items when they’re on sale. Not only will this save you money, you’ll always have your favorite ingredients on hand if you’re in a pinch one night for dinner.
  3. Feed the Freezer. Double your favorite recipes and have extra homemade meals on hand. I do this with most casseroles or if beef is on sale, I buy extra to brown and freeze.
  4. Store Plastic Wrap in the Fridge. I know it sounds crazy but if it is cold it will be easier to use and will stick to your dishes better when you’re covering leftovers. Try it.
  5. Use Parchment Paper. It’s a little wasteful but it saves you from having to clean pans. I always use parchment paper when making bacon in the oven. The cleanup is so much faster and easier.
  6. Get Creative. Use your waffle iron to make quesadillas or take leftover baked potatoes and make hash browns, using the hot waffle iron.
  7. Use Your Crock pot. This is something I use weekly. I make overnight oatmeal for a hot and healthy breakfast in the morning. Many healthy crock pot recipes are easy and quick to put together for your family. When life is busy, my crock pot is my saving grace!
  8. Involve the Family. Give your children a job that speeds up the cooking, cleaning and prep work. For example, have the kids wash the vegetables and set the table. Make cooking and cleaning up everyone’s job. 
  9. Make Lunches in Advance. Pack lunches the night before or better yet, pack several lunches at once for the week. You’ll avoid eating out which will save you money but also is healthier. When I don’t pack a lunch the night before, I almost always eat out for lunch. Not good for my waistline!
  10. Don’t Overcook Veggies. Most people overcook their veggies but to save yourself time, just roast, blanch or steam your veggies. This will save you time in the kitchen and everyone will enjoy their veggies even more!

These are just a few of my cooking hacks for making life easier in the kitchen. What tips do you have for saving time in the kitchen?

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