I have used this description several times throughout Blissdom but last year someone (not trying to steal I just cannot remember which blog it was that I read – if it is you please tell me) but they said BlogHer 2009 was like a theme park. It was something you did not want to miss so you rode all the rides, ate all of the food and just soaked up the thrill, excitement and adventure. So true, I did not want to miss a second of BlogHer 2009 (or 2010 coming up) but if that was indeed BlogHer, Blissdom was like a spa. It was relaxing, invigorating like a good exfoliation and all the knots of who am I and why do I blog seem to have been massaged right out! I attended every session possible, had amazing conversations without losing my voice and best of all I was able to observe.

When it comes to marketing and social media I have some anecdotal notes:

1. Less is more. No swag is better then junk swag. If you give me swag make it memorable and something I will use with a lasting impression (i.e. Lands End Canvas Bag, food, jewelry, etc.).

2. Brands Need to Get Creative. Throwing stuff at me is old school now; I want to be impressed and won over. Hosting a lunch with your product and having your branding on the menu, allowing us to sample the differences in what you offer and using your product for decor; fabulous. Great job Arnold FoodConagra Foods and Hunts!

3. Preplan! Get creative and introduce yourself before I arrive and leaving stuff for my family was a huge plus! I learned more about your companies before I arrived and felt more inclined to thank you and introduce myself. Bravo to Hallmark and Orville!

4. Twitter = Brand Exposure. At Blissdom everyone was tweeting and if you don’t believe me visit the Social Studies report and you’ll see the waves being made online and if you’re brand got exposure – good for you!

5. Interact. A product is great but when I can talk to an educated representative that makes the sparks fly! If I have questions I can get them while I’m at the conference verses remembering to email or connect later.

6. Sponsorship with Integrity. Blissdom encouraged sponsorship but gave a guide for bloggers and let companies be noticed with a sponsorship page. Great tactic and throughout the entire event I was only handed one thing that was spammy – a plus and guess what I left it behind and the brands represented in a cheap white bag weren’t remembered!

7. Creative Sponsorship. The brands that sponsored and believed in the bloggers were represented well. Hosting dinners for groups they wanted to interact and connect with, buying business cards with coupon codes and holding dinner focus groups to maximize the knowledge and potential.

8.    Social Media Footprint. If you are a blogger what is your impact? What do you do for brands and what can you do for them? Do you have metrics and proof that you are what you say you are?

9.    Case Studies. Barbara reminded me that a case study doesn’t have to be complex. One page but it shows a result and how you achieved this result. Get busy Bloggers!

10.     Transparency and Passion. If you’re a blogger be yourself but think of who you are and who will want to invest in you. If your raw and rough around the edges be that but don’t expect a soft and fluffy brand to sponsor you! My Blissdom spa experience was truly wonderful! Those that were greenies like me could be who they are or let their hair down and drink out of a plastic cup and be okay – I’m still alive! The ego’s were checked at the door and for that I am so appreciative! If you still don’t believe in mixing with this space of mom bloggers you are missing out!

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