Day one of Blissdom and here are 10 things I’ve learned that is relevant to mom blogging and making money online:

1.  Your brand is a perception-so I wonder what you perceive of Green and Clean Mom, scratching my head so please let me know!

2.  Branding needs to evolve – do you think I’m evolving or no?

3.  Have to manage your brand EVERYDAY because it is developing EVERYDAY – whether you want it to develop or not.

4.  Angela England is awesome and I’m so glad she sat behind me.

5.  I have to really think about my personal motto. Hmmm? Do you have one?

6.  Shucks, I need an elevator pitch!  My elevator pitch in three words (yikes on 3 words it just is not going to happen):  Mom Blogger. Consultant. Author.

7.  There is a really cool WordPress plugin called Ninja for affiliate marketing and I have to do download this ASAP!

8.   I’m so glad I know how to put in a car seat – it came in handy with baby Molly when I met Allison from No Time for Flash Cards!

9.  There are so many cute babies here at Blissdom that as Melanie from The Coupon Goodness says, “They make my ovaries want to spit out eggs!”

10.  Just because you spill drinks on someone once doesn’t mean you will again like Once A  Month Mom.

Oh, I also learned that when I travel my sister cannot have the camera!

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