The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re like me you’re planning, making your list and maybe attempting to beat the holiday rush. You’re probably thinking budget friendly items that are usable, fun and unique. How about 20 gifts under $20 bucks to help you get started with your eco-friendly holiday shopping?

Green gift for the kids:

Photo Credit: Nubius Organics

1.  Let your child’s imagination soar with the Sprig Glider Kit for only $8.95 from Nubius Organics.

2.   For the camper and outdoorsy child they’ll love the solar keep cool hat for those warm days, only $10 from Real Goods.

3.  Adorable and 100% organic cotton plush character in the shape of a drip of water! Comes with a secret code to protect habitats via the Nature Conservancy website, a story book on saving the earth and organic cotton backpack all for only $15 from Real Goods, a bargain!

4.  The builder, inventor and hands on child will love building

Photo Credit: Scientifics Online

a robug out of a recycled soda can for the low cost of only $12.95 from Scientifics Online.

5. Perfect for the stocking and the for squishing, making, rolling and enjoying is Mary’s Softdough Set of Six from Nubius Organics for only $12.95, a gift that will provide hours of safe play!

6.  Any kid big or little will love the Xeko Mission Games, winner of the Winner of Creative Child Magazines Game of the Year Award 2007 and 2008, starting at only $3.95 from Buy Green.

Practical Use Everyday Gifts:

7. Anyone that wears sweaters will appreciate a sweater stone from Real Goods for only $12 to get rid of those “pills” and keep their sweater looking brand new!

Photo Credit: Isabella Catalog

8.  Everyone has to scrub dishes and clean so why not give them an environmentally friendly scrub made of peach pits and corn cobs that require no detergent and for only $10.95 from Isabella Catalog.

9.  Anyone that loves tasty organic peanut butter will love a peanut butter mixer to make stirring the natural oil and peanuts together easier and for only $10 from Real Goods.

10.  Make carrying your own utensils even easier for the green guru in your life with a bamboo spork and carrying case for only $9.95 from Shop Kir Devries.

11.  Help your loved ones recycle their batteries safely by giving them a Magnetic

Photo Credit: Perpetual Kid

Battery Eater to drain the left over “juice” from the battery before sending it to the recycling station. Only $5.99 from Perpetual Kid and it is sure to be a favorite gift!

12.  Wash and reuse. Wash and reuse. If your friends and families use plastic bags help them wash and reuse with a bag dryer for their counter and for only $20 from Gaiam, a personal favorite of mine!

13. Who doesn’t have an iPhone (me, I like my Droid X) and couldn’t use a eco-friendly iPhone case made of recycled rice bags and crafted by Cambodian producers and the cost is only $6.95 from Global Good Partners.

14. Who do you know that still hand writes letters and greeting cards (seriously, you have to know somebody)? The Regreet greeting card takes your traditional card and turns it into a trackable, reusable, eco-friendly greeting chain! Saving the gift giver money and making the greeting card ritual even more fun and for only $12 from Uncommon Goods.

15.  Along with some baking soda and vinegar this simple natural cleaning solution chart for that cleaning challenged person in your life will be a life saver, money saving and planet saving gift! Only $11.00 from Yoga Lifestyles and will be used for years and years to come!

16.  Anyone who loves to read, learn and can appreciate a passionate mom’s point of view will love The Smart Mama’s Green Guide for only $9.95 from Amazon.

17.  Who wouldn’t love a kitchen counter composter that will help reduce their garbage waste and will be perfect for the garden? Small enough to have under the sink or on the counter and with just a bow you can avoid the wrapping for only $19.95 from Amazon.

Action and Advocacy Gifts:

18. Wear it, say it and be proud to say it. If you have any friends or family members that love to wear what comfy tee’s that show their support you’ll have to buy a Support Your Local Farmer tee for only $15.95.

Cute and Fun Green Gifts:

19. Have a cubical pal that doesn’t have a green thumb? Maybe a teacher, sitter or the mailman would appreciate the Grow-It-Yourself Garden Kit for a low price of only $6.95 from Ochelly and it is adorable!

20. Playing in the kitchen is fun but if you have a sister or family member that is a percussion fanatic (shhh, my sister

Photo Credit: Ochelly

Haley is) then you’ll appreciate the Mix Sticks that take beechwood spoons and morph them into the drum sticks! Rhythm and fun for the loved one and only $7.95 from Ochelly, on sale for a limited time!

Wow, 20 green and environmentally conscious gifts for under $20! So ready, set, start shopping and remember it is quality verses quantity! Keep the person, the environment and your budget in mind this holiday season!

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