20 High Waisted Bikinis from Amazon Under $25. I think it was Kristen from Rage Against the Mini Van who I first saw on Facebook wearing a high waisted bikini that made me realize how cute the suits are. She looked adorable and I thought to myself, I could wear one of those. I probably won’t look as cute but hey, I could try. I hadn’t ever considered a high waisted bikini but seeing that I don’t want to wear a tiny little bikini and my only other option is a tankini, this might be a great option. Which sent me on a hunt for affordable high waisted bikini that I’d actually see myself wearing – something that doesn’t look too young for me but doesn’t make me look like a grandmother either? There’s a find line. Some bathing suits suck me; tuck it all away and I can’t move plus I look like I’m an old woman. I’m not even 40 yet, I’d like to dress a little sexy or at least have a nice bathing suit for vacations with just my husband. Maybe even for my next visit to Turks and Caicos!

If you’re in the market for a high waisted bikini because they’re super adorable but you don’t want to break the bank, check these 20 choices out. I particularly love number 16! Which one is your favorite? For the price, you can’t beat getting a few!!

  1. Cocoship Floral Bikini — $23.99
  2. Simplicity Black Bikini — $21.99
  3. Wearlizer Bandeau Bikini — $15.99
  4. Cocoship Red Bikini — $23.99
  5. HDE Black Polka Dot and Red Bikini — $15.99
  6. Losom Navy Stripe Bikini — $16.99
  7. Chois Push Up Top Bikini — $19.99
  8. Cocoship Floral Bikini — $23.99
  9. Happy Sailed Retro Flower Bikini — $11.99
  10. Alipolo Striped and Red Bikini — $18.90
  11. Cocoship Vintage Bow Tie Bikini — $21.99
  12. Cocoship Retro Ruched Bikini — $23.99
  13. Cocoship Retro Navy Stripe Bikini — $22.99
  14. Cocoship Striped Navy Bikini — $23.99
  15. Dasbayla Glitter Mermaid Bikini — $15.50
  16. Viva Rose Peplum Top Bikini — $24.99
  17. QinYing Cherry Print Bikini — $17.98
  18. Cocoship Geometric Patterns Bikini — $21.99
  19. Tialloday Teal and Polka Dot Bikini — $21.99
  20. StripSky Cut Out Bikini — $21.99



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