The EWG has done it again! This time they tested the cord blood of 10 newborns in racial and ethnic minority groups. They’ve  done 11 bio-monitoring investigations in recent years, with the goal of quantifying the ‘pollution in people’ to drive science and policy changes to protect public health. 

What did they find? 

They found 232 toxic chemicals in 10 newborns from racial and ethnic minority groups. Among them were 21 contaminants never before detected in human cord blood, including BPA.
Read the Report for Yourself

-3-page Exec Summary outlining our major findings, including a discussion about bio-monitoring and how EWG’s studies complement the CDC’s ( great FAQ (
A Healthy Pregnancy tip sheet for readers who want to reduce exposures (

-A chemical-by-chemical analysis that covers: definition, key findings, health risks, regulatory status, and a discussion.

-It’s all here: 
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They have also posted 2 blogs about the report – 1 on Enviroblog ( and another by the report author, Dr. Anila Jacob, on their toxics policy blog (  Please feel free to reproduce either of these posts with credit to the author and a link back!

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