I cannot disclose anything yet but I’m working on a contract with a company that will allow me to move to full-time social media consulting and I’ve learned three things about negotiating contracts.

Wordy. They are wordy and confusing and you must get an attorney to look them over and help you make sense of legal obligations. There are lots of legal obligations!

Scary.  The words don’t make sense and these words can legally bind you to many things that are even scarier. So yes, the contract might be “boiler plate” from the company and something they use on every consultant – you aren’t every consultant. Be prudent because remember the words are even scarier when they are held up in a court of law.

Confusing. Contracts that are big or small can be confusing and if you are in one state, the company is another state and the contract being written based on yet another state’s law – well serve me a drink George! Oh good golly! And then there are multiple attorneys involved with recommendations and little ol’me trying to sort out the best recommendations and not lose the contract!

Wordy, scary and confusing  is what I think contracts are but it comes down to making sure your family is protected and your business stays intact and protected. My advice is for everyone to have an attorney, have liability insurance and realize negotiation is okay – put on them big girl panties!

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