Today I was on a call with Pam Riggs, Director of Medical Affairs for the Shaklee Corporation. A question was asked about binge eating and I thought her answer was fabulous and helpful for anyone wanting to stop binge eating or changing a bad habit. When you want to change a habit it’s about self awareness, being conscious of yourself and what bad habits you have and what you need to change.  Here were some of her tips to changing your bad habit:

  1.  Pre-Plan. If you know you’re a binge eater and at 9pm when your show is on you reach for a bag of chips, recognize this and think of 3 things you could do instead of reaching for the bag of chips.
  2. Manage Hunger. If you’re starving at night you might not have eaten enough protein throughout the day. Think of your meals, calories and protein intake throughout the day to manage your hunger so you’re not going to make bad choices at night. Keeping a food journal can be helpful for this.
  3. Take care of you. Pam suggested that binge eating can be emotional eating and I agree with her. If we don’t make time for ourselves at night when the house is quiet we feel as though we deserve that chocolate ice cream or salt chips. Really we’re just hurting ourselves and if we take time for ourselves eating at night might not be necessary.

Do you binge eat or have a bad habit you need to break?

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