3 Ways You Can Help Keep the Earth's Water Clean and Healthy

If you think about how much water you use on a regular basis to shower, cook, clean, drink, etc., the numbers really add up. And if you’re using that much water, you want to make sure that water is as clean and healthy as can be. Unfortunately, there are roughly 2.5 billion people throughout the world who do not have access to clean water.

In this country, we are very lucky that we have almost unlimited access to clean water thanks to sanitation plants. However, there are many people in this nation that are not doing their part to make sure that the water provided by Mother Nature is not irreversibly polluted. Here are some things you can do as an individual to help keep the water clean.

Take care of your sump pump

Roughly one quarter of homes in America use septic systems. These systems are designed to keep water out of the home by use of a pump in most people’s basements. More than one trillion gallons of waste per year is disposed of below the ground’s surface from individual septic systems. These systems should be properly maintained to avoid contamination. They should be cleaned regularly and replaced when necessary. You should redirect the water flow away from your leach field and construct a new system as far away from the shoreline as possible if necessary.

Properly use your home’s toilet and sink

Although many people think that a home’s drainage system can take almost anything, this is far from the truth. Any kind of non-degradable, toxic chemicals should not be flushed or rinsed down your sink. The following products should never be flushed down a drain:

  • Baby wipes
  • tampons
  • old pills
  • paint
  • oil
  • chemical cleaners

Many of these products can be properly disposed of in a safe way that does not affect the Earth’s water supply.

Watch what goes in your lawn

Anything that can seep into your grass can find its way into the groundwater supply. This means that even your dog’s fecal matter can effect the cleanliness of the water in your area. Make sure to clean up after your pets, as well as be careful when working on your vehicles in the driveway. Oil, coolant, antifreeze, and other liquids can make their way into the groundwater as well.

Try to imagine a life where you no longer had regular access to clean water. How different that life would be. Do your part now to keep the water supply healthy so you hopefully won’t have to experience a life like that. It’s much harder to reverse the damage once it’s done than to prevent the damage in the first place.


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