Not to long ago Andrea, from Tees for Change gave away a sexy and sassy tee, here at G&CM. She’s nice like that, giving and sweet. A company, founded by a mom to make a difference (sounds familiar)!  Tees for Change is working on a sweet new fall line I can’t wait to check out.  Currently Tees for Change is offering G&CM readers the opportunity to save big on these message tees.  Personally, I’m not sure which message I like best because every day I could wear a new one to express how I was feeling.  I had a reader write about these organic tees and comment on how at least when someone looks at your boobs, they can read an important message! True, so go buy one with this coupon code, exclusive for G&CM readers:

Coupon Code: GCM

Discount Amount: 15% off

Expires: August 31, 2008

Why not? Great tips for free!

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