I have a fear of heights yet I love roller coasters! Odd I know. The adrenaline rush is exciting. Being scared to death and then laughing until my stomach hurts is so much fun – you know what I mean, right? Like watching a scary movie and almost wetting your pants, throwing the popcorn and screaming but then you do it again. You are so scared but it was so fun – you do it again!

Here I am scared to death getting ready to sled down the top of a mountain at the Park City Mountain Resort (wondering if I should just walk down the hill and carry the sled) hoping I don’t soil my pants:

Though I was  scared silly I proceeded to do the Alpine coaster with a higher altitude and faster speed. I couldn’t be happier that I looked my fear in the face and went for it. 4 Secrets for conquering my fear of heights and enjoying the ride:

1.  Look to others for inspiration. Others are also scared and they are probably standing right next to you. Lean on them. If they can do it you can too!

2.  Breathe. Remember that you’ll laugh and though it might be through tears when it is over you will want to do it again.  Just ask someone who has done it and they’ll encourage you!

3.  Regrets suck. If you don’t go down the mountain someday you’ll wish you did. Especially when you see photos of others doing it – don’t have regrets!

4.  What would you tell your kids? How would you encourage your children to do something? Think of what you would say to your child and use those words on yourself. It works!

What tips do you have for conquering your fears?

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