Vegetables are good for you. We all know this but children seem to think that veggies are the enemy or at least some kids do. You most likely tell your children to eat their vegetables and then bribe them or tell them two more bites. Okay, I am guilty of this! I am trying to change my ways and help my children learn that green stuff is not all bad and veggies taste good, they’re not just good for you.

We all eat them. Yes, we all eat the broccoli, cauliflower and Lima beans. If I don’t eat the veggies how can I expect my tot to eat them. Monkey see monkey do!

One bite rule! Try it at least one time every single time the veggies appear on the plate. I guarantee your child won’t like this but make it a rule and stick to it.  It can take a child up to 15 times before they begin to like a new food. Just keep introducing the veggie and encouraging them to take one bite.

Grow it and cook it. If possible have the children help you grow the vegetables, pick them and then help you cook them. Try new ways to cook the vegetables and add spices, cheeses and different toppings.

A Grocery Store Adventure! Take the kids to the grocery store and let each child pick out one new vegetable to try.  Before heading to the store you could even do some Google research and together learn about the vegetable and different ways to cook it.  Together as a family try this new vegetable and remember the one bite rule!

What tips do you have for helping your children eat their veggies?

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