Save money on your laundry with these easy tips and a liquid laundry detergent recipe! #green

There are easy ways to save money on the cost of laundry. If you’re like me the washer and dryer never seems to stop running – which can really add up when it comes to the cost of energy, time and laundry supplies. I wish I could find away to tell you how to never do laundry again but unless you plan to live in a nudist colony – that’s not going to happen! For starters, here’s my video where I explain all of the tips and how to make your own laundry soap for next to nothing:

4 Tips to Save Money doing your Laundry:
1.  Make your own laundry soap and here is the recipe that I’ve started using for my HE washer with no issues and I don’t have to grate soap or spend hours making the solution. I’ve played around with the different quantities of each ingredient and here is what I’ve come to like best. I’ve seen many different version online and in books but this is what has seem to work well for my family and the clothes smell clean and look great. If you have a favorite recipe, a similar one or variation please share the link below for others to try!

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3 TBS Borax

3 TBS of Washing Soda

3 TBS of your favorite Eco-Friendly liquid Dish Soap (sometimes if the brand does not suds very well I might use 4 TBS but never more than this)

4 Cups of Boiling Hot water to dissolve the above ingredients

Directions: Add the dry ingredients into the gallon jug with a funnel and then the boiling hot water to dissolve the ingredients. Fill the jug with cold water leaving enough room for 3-4 TBS of your favorite Eco friendly liquid dish soap and shake. Use ½ cup for each load and shake gently before adding it to your washer. I like to make multiple jugs at once to save myself even more time and you do need to shake before adding it to your washer each time.

2.  Use vinegar as a fabric softener for an Eco-friendly and cheap alternative.

3.  Cut dryer sheets in half. If you use dryer sheets instead of vinegar consider cutting them in half to get double the use out of them. We also use dryer sheets to help keep the critters out of our camper because they don’t like the smell!

4.  Wash in cold water. Cold water takes less energy which means you’ll save money if you use cold water to do your wash.  According to The Daily Green you can save over $100 each year switching to cold water!

Do you have a favorite laundry saving tip?