I loved my wedding. I remember the day like it was yesterday and the months and months I spent planning for it. Every detail meant the world to me. My husband and I talk fondly about our wedding day and the celebration that we had. I even remember crying at midnight when my family started cleaning up. It was over and I felt like I was Cinderella.

Eco-Friendly and #Green #Wedding Ideas
My sister’s wedding was last weekend in a Castle and she was indeed a princess in her dress (her photographer was amazing too)! It was all very breathtaking and brought back so many great memories of my own wedding. How special our first dance was, how excited I was to try the cake and my dance with my dad. I wished I could transport myself back in time and relive it all over again. I also wish I could plan another wedding again and have Pinterest to help me!

All the wedding planning and pinning had me looking for Eco-friendly wedding ideas, as though I had a say in what my sister chose! I did not have a say but frankly she did such a spectacular job she didn’t need me! That did not stop me from sending her pins, texts and private Facebook messages sharing ideas (sorry little sis)! All of this looking had me falling in love with a few Eco-Friendly wedding ideas that I can’t help but share with you.

Birdseed Heart Wedding Favors: These favors are so precious and you can use them as napkin holders or place cards if you’re doing assigned seating. They’re decorative but they serve a purpose and help to feed the birds. They’re perfect for any wedding them but if you’re having a woodland theme, rustic theme or Victorian wedding theme these are just the best wedding or bridal favors on the planet!
Eco-Friendly and #Green #Wedding Ideas
Plantable Seed Place Cards: I love that you are reusing a place card to plant seeds and spread your love. These are actual great of a shower or wedding and they can be personalized and serve as a wedding favor. “Please Be SEEDED” is just too cute for words.

Heart Shaped Plantable Seed Confetti: As you leave the church your guests could easily blow bubbles (mine did and it was beautiful) but you could have them throw confetti with seeds. It’s Eco-Friendly, fun and cheap!

Green Bride Guide #wedding

Green Wedding Guide Starter Kit: Everything you need for under $25 to get started with making your wedding Eco-Fabulous! A book for planning, vendors to use and samples! Plus their shipping is carbon-neutral so you can feel good about this order.

Wooden Save the Date Magnets: Who can’t use another magnet? I love save the date announcements but sending one that is usable and wooden is an extra bonus! A great way to let your guests know way in advance that you’re getting married and they’re invited!

These are just a few of my favorite green wedding ideas but feel free to visit my other blog posts where I’ve written about greening your wedding cake and even thinking green when it comes to your wedding dress! I’ve attended and been honored to be in so many weddings over the years that my ideas are endless. Of course my wedding was my favorite but I’d love the opportunity to say “I do” again to my groom and plan another wedding with some of these great ideas. If only money would grown on trees!

What are your favorite Eco-friendly wedding ideas? Follow me on Pinterest for even more wedding inspiration.

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