There’s no doubt I’m aiming to be more active myself with a desk/computer job but I’m also hoping to inspire my students to do the same. I’ve called these brain breaks and they are so important for helping student retain information, feel good about themselves, focus and for their heart and muscles. When we’re sedentary our bodies suffer and so do our minds.

Brain Break with Jon JansenI took time yesterday to talk with Jon Jansen a former NFL football player. He formerly played football for the University of Michigan, Washington Redskins and the Detroit Lions. He currently runs a CrossFit gym in my community and reports for the Big Ten Network. His daughter and my daughter happen to be friends and he’s a really nice guy. I figured he’d have tips, pointers and be able to offer some encouraging words to my students, fellow teachers and myself!

Jon Jansen made a short little video I’ll be sharing with my students and I love how he provided the tip of setting a timer at your desk to get up every hour and do squats, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups (I go for the modified version) or run. Even if you have to run in place it is better than sitting!

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This is my challenge for you, set your timer and every hour get up and do something! So far today I’ve ran up my stairs 5 times and I did 50 sit-ups! I already feel better! Make sure you follow Jon Jansen on Twitter too and tell him @greenmom sent you!

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