Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and seeing that this day is also my husband’s birthday, I’m doing some planning ahead of time. The day can sneak right up on you – we’ll it has in the past anyhow! Not this year and so I’m on a mission to seek out healthy Valentine day recipes and ideas! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite to help make your Valentine celebration all about the heart and keeping it healthy, while still saying “I love you”.

  1. My husband loves cheesecake and with my goal to watch the waistline and really focus on having the healthiest 2013 I can, I’m thinking these strawberry cheesecake cups scoring only 217 calories not only look delicious they’ll be enjoyed and won’t ruin my dinner or pant size!  For some great low calorie healthy and organic recipes check out Naturally Skinny for some great ideas, I love this cookbook!
  2. A gift that involves some massage oil and is good for the back might be just what the doctor or wife ordered and I like how FitSugar® thinks, the ideas for giving him a couple’s massage means I get a Valentine’s Day gift too! SCORE!  I could buy a spa gift card or just some organic massage oil – hmmm, what will I choose? Other great ideas include fondue and my kids love having chocolate covered strawberries for dad’s birthday! We’ve done this in the past and it is a major hit with the entire family!
  3. I love the idea of incorporating some fitness and fun into our Valentine celebration and the entire family could enjoy a dance party! We just got Twister Dance for Christmas and love it! Get moving, be active and if the weather permits go sledding or ice skating – that will burn some calories and you’ll be sure to enjoy those strawberry cheesecake cups! Yum!
  4. Watch a romantic movie with your honey. I’d choose When Harry Met Sally, an all time favorite to watch with my husband. Who knows, you might burn some calories after the meeting and bottom line is no food is involved and when you have human contact with someone in the form of touch, your stress levels decrease!
  5. Stay in and cook a low calorie healthy meal. For my family, we’re most likely going to splurge on King Crab! It is a favorite meal and with it being both Valentine’s and my husband’s birthday the occasion is perfect! Plus, crab is good for you and low in calories. Now, you can’t eat it with tons of butter mind you!


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