First time on skates, 2011

Do you remember learning how to ice skate, swim, ride a bike, ski or do something as simple as writing your name or cutting with scissors? We forget about the skills we learn that are now so routine and come so easily. Like blogging for me three years ago, I had to learn. I taught myself the skills, practiced and learned from others.

This weekend watching my daughter and niece ice skate together for the first time (hence the falling) I am reminded of a few important life lessons:

1. Fall. We sometimes have to fall and then get right back up and try again.
2. Learn to fall. The instructor kept trying to teach them how to fall and bend their knees and it made me remember how when we fall we need to do our best to cushion that fall so we can lessen the impact.
3. Try something new. It’s fun to learn something new but also good for the heart, soul and mind.
4. Laugh. Sometimes when you fall, you mess up or you don’t know what you are doing you just have to laugh. Laughter is indeed good medicine!
5. Listen to the teacher. An instructor or someone with experience can help you improve or learn a new skill so listen and absorb what they teach you.

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