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What makes me a good mom? This stumped me. I scratched my head, bit my lip and came up blank. Why you might wonder? Am I really a bad mom that I cannot come up an answer? Well, no but I’m like most women and mother’s I know – I’m hard on myself. I don’t ordinarily think I’m super mom and pat myself on the back. Ha! Ha! Just the opposite and if you asked me what makes me a terrible mom I could probably rattle off a list a mile long.

Pathetic! {Insert visual of me rolling my eyes and slapping myself across the face.}

I decided I would ask me kids and um, well their answers didn’t really bode well for me and the list wasn’t terribly long either

“You let us stay up late in the summer.”

“You give us food and water and buy us stuff to wear.”

“You let us eat popcorn on movie nights.”

After talking with them, I locked myself in the bathroom and cried ugly mom sobs stifled with my face in a towel.

Pathetic! {Insert visual of me rolling my eyes and slapping myself across the face.}

Then I woke up and realized that I’m a damn good mom. Serious and here’s five reasons I’m kick-butt:

  1.  I’m not their friend. No I’m a mom and I set limits, make sure they eat healthy and do their homework. Friends distract you from homework, let you eat ice cream for breakfast and help you break the rules. Someday when their adults I can be their friend, maybe. Until then I’m their mom and they need to eat their broccoli and do their chores.
  2. I love my kids. I know, I know all mothers love their children but I really love them and show them this with an over abundant amount of affection. Kisses {wet ones}, hugs and cuddles. I never want a day to go by where they wonder.
  3. I’m flexible. Not all the time but yes, I let them stay up late on occasion and go to school late to have breakfast out with mom. I’m not rigid and I don’’ want them to be either. I have my moments but I want them to go with the flow as much as possible and not be negatively affected by change or a routine shuffle. I try to role model this.
  4. I work. Now this isn’t what makes every mom a good mom but for me, yes it makes me a good mom. It makes me happy and I like to work. When I’m happy I’m a better mom.
  5. I am human. I let my kids see that I make mistakes and have emotions. I say I’m sorry when I make mistakes and explain how I am feeling and why. Yes, I hid in the bathroom sobbing the other day but I was feeling sorry for myself – not something I wanted them to see or do.

If you’re a mom do yourself a favor and ease up and think better about yourself and your role as a mother. You have a hard job and deserve to pat yourself on the back, have a glass of wine and go to the spa!

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