5 years ago I went sledding with my son and I was 8 months pregnant. It was a small hill, a cold day in January and he was bored and I figured it was alright because the hill really was small and it would make him so happy. Little did I know that hours would pass and at 11pm on January 11, 2007 my water would break and a little girl would be delivered 3 weeks early on January 12, 2007! I cannot say if it was the sledding, spicy food I had for lunch or if my little spit fire was just ready to come out and take on the world but I can tell you from the very moment I laid my eyes on her I knew that not only was she perfect but she marched to the beat of her own drum.

A child whose spirit is strong the like the wind. Who dances when she feels like it, screams when she’s mad or because she wants to and whose smile not only lights up the room but makes your heart melt. The child who not until just last month started sleeping through the night {I am not kidding} and who listens but deliberately decides to not follow directions because she knows her way is the best way! The kid who still loves cuddling but is too big for her britches and has a crush on Justin Bieber who she says will marry her someday.

My daughter, who unbelievably will turn 5 years old tomorrow and believes she’s 13, I hope the world is ready for her because I tell you first hand she’s something real special with her passion, big heart, creativity , spunk and strong willed spirit. I am so lucky she arrived safely into my life 5 years ago, red faced and screaming to the let the world know she had arrived – much like she does today when she walks into the room!

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