5 YouTube Tips and Tricks #vlogging

Vloggers you want to be seen and if you make videos and actively utilize your YouTube channel you’d like to make money, have subscribers and overall make your videos not be a waste of your time. It takes me time to make the videos, edit the video, upload the video and then promote it so I want my effort to pay off with new subscribers, views, traffic back to my blog and money. Yes, I want to make money.

In May I attended the Mom Pulse Women in Video Conference to talk about ways I use video and how I help women bloggers use video. As a consultant for the Shaklee Corporation the women bloggers make monthly blog posts and I want to provide them with tips and tricks to help them make quality videos that will benefit the brand. Part of this is me learning and teaching them and practicing what I preach.

The conference was stellar and I met some amazing women bloggers whose YouTube channels rock. This is one way I learn, I watch how others do it! Here are few of my favorite Vloggers:

  • Mama Kat because her videos are FUNNY and she is so darn genuine, you can just tell. Plus she runs a daycare and I can relate to this because of my early childhood background.
  • Kimberly Blaine is just the best ever and her video experience rocks! She’s all over the place when it comes to video and sitting next to her means I’m smarter.
  • Jennise Makeup TV and not because I’m into makeup and hair but because she’s a true professional vlogger who makes her income off vlogging and if you watch her videos and see her subscription base you’ll understand why. Besides, I totally need makeup help so yes, I watch her videos to learn.
  • Mom’s LA Channel is stellar and these two women are so sweet and inspiring. I like how they talk about a variety of topics that I can relate to even if I don’t live in LA!

I could go on and on and list more vloggers I love and admire and regularly watch but I want to share with you the top five tips I learned from the conference and they include:

  • How to get noticed amongst the YouTube crowd, without making Minecraft videos!
  • How to monetize and look good doing it!
  • YouTube algorithms for helping to make sure your videos are seen and why some are seen more than others!

Get the dirty by watching the video (it’s only 6 minutes and I promise you’ll learn something new):

Why not? Great tips for free!

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