6 Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry Ideas

Let’s talk weddings. I LOVED my wedding. I loved planning it and seeing it all come together. In fact, when we had to leave…I cried. All my work, effort and the emotions from the big day that were celebrated by my friends and loved ones…it was over…in the blink of an eye. I often wonder what it would be like today to plan a wedding. I’m older, wiser and of course Pinterest exists now.

If I had to do it differently, I’d probably be more eco-friendly in my décor and what I registered for. I wasn’t thinking about recyclable invitations and digital wasn’t an option at the time. I had no clue about toxic pans or “bad” plastics. I did not think of registering for a compost bin, for example.  Today would be different. I’d consider green wedding favors, my venue, my dress and even what I register for. I have many tips on how to incorporate green into your wedding day but if you’re looking for some eco-friendly items for your wedding registry, check out these suggestions from Blueprint Registry.

  1. A no-brainer for a couple committed to saving the planet.  Full Circle 3.4 qt. Breeze Countertop Compost Bin – The Container Store
  2. Nothing is less eco-friendly than plastic water bottles, so a reusable bottle like this one will not only make you look good, but feel good, too. S’well Water Bottle – 17 oz, Teakwood – Amazon.com
  3. Reduce your carbon emissions and get moving while you’re at it. A bike makes a great group gift, too! Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike – Amazon.com
  4. Using a drying rack will cut down on your electricity bill immensely (and keep your delicates from getting damaged!). Neatfreak Laundry Drying Rack (Compact) – Macy’s
  5. Rather than blowing through rolls of paper towels, use these reusable towels for everything from wiping spills to drying your hands. Unpaper Towels (Set of 16) – Food52
  6. Durable, dishwasher safe, and a huge step in the right direction to keep your kitchen green. Reusable Storage Bag – Clear Combo Pack (Set of 4) – Food52

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