Fitness is now a daily part of my life. I never thought that would be the case but when I made up my mind to transform myself, everything changed.  We eat organic or healthy and I do my best to live a “green” or greenER life style but I wasn’t healthy. I was taking care of everyone but myself but over the last 9 months this has changed. Part of taking care of me includes fitness but with my busy life style I’ve had to fit in activity whenever possible and get creative. Luckily, there is technology and amazing fitness and health applications available for tracking, tips, motivation and support.

Here are some of my favorites free and paid for applications to help me with my healthier lifestyle:

FitBolt:  If you’re at your desk all day like I am, you’ll appreciate this web based application that notifies that it’s time to get up and start moving! Fitness right from your desk and it’s FREE! It takes a few minutes to set up your profile and integrate the application with other online accounts or tools but it’s easy to do.

Health Month:  I’m all about having fun and getting fit and this is a fun game that challenges you physically and mentally – just spin the wheel! When you sign up your create your own rules to challenge yourself and the rules can be private or public. Depending on “your game” you might have to pay a low fee of $5.00 or you can ask for a sponsor.  The idea is to make things fun, have rules but take control of your health on a month by month basis.

Earndit: Sync your online applications and accounts and if you’re active and getting healthy you’ll earn rewards. Like cool rewards. I’m in the process of syncing everything right now and I’m ready to cash in and be rewarded for my hard work. Aren’t you?

RunKeeper:  Keep track of your daily miles, fitness and progress. Set goals for how many miles you want to walk, create stream teams and more. I used this tool every time I walk and it motivates me to see how many miles I’ve walked over the month and automatically post to my Facebook and Twitter, where friends and family cheer me on! It is very motivating!

FitBit:  It’s tiny, fits in your pocket and tracks your health and fitness progress, including sleep. This $99.00 activity tracker has gotten rave reviews, been recommended by Dr. Oz and syncs with all of the above applications and more!

Workoutz: Create your own custom workout or download free workout videos for new ideas, instructions and more. There is no need to register and the videos are easy to follow. When you need additional equipment the online store is right there and the costs are reasonable.

What online fitness applications do you use?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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