Full circle, you might have heard people say. I’m a big believer in this now because it happened to me, and I’m going to tell you why.

Six years ago, I watched an episode of The Oprah WinfreyShow™ while folding laundry and cooing at my four-month old baby girl who was lying on the floor, trying to put her fingers into her mouth.

Shaklee 2007
This is me in Arizona telling my Shaklee success story to a film crew in 2007.

On that episode, I heard Sloan Barnett talk about her son and asthma and the bad effects of some household cleaners, and it changed my life forever. I’m not exaggerating either. After the show, I did a web search for Shaklee, having no clue what this company was about, and when I found a Shaklee Distributor’s website, I picked up the phone and called her.

I left a message, and she called me back. Immediately! I was impressed by the one-on-one customer service and knew I had to be part of a company that, I believe, offers amazing products, customer service and attention.  As the mother of two children, I cared about what they consumed and wanted their home environment to be clean and safe. What mom doesn’t? Shaklee provided me not only great products but an opportunity to have my own business. I couldn’t resist.

I am not sure what happened to my hair but yes, I was skinny and having a ton of fun learning about Shaklee.

Taking a leap of faith, I started my Shaklee business and flew to the global conference in Nashville, which became another life-changing experience. The conference helped me learn how to set goals, better understand having a business, and allowed me to meet others that I could relate to and learn from – hard working people who desired to work from home and to do something they love.

I remember being in the elevator with Sloan, Roger and little Spencer while he was eating an ice cream cone. I was speechless. Riding in an elevator with the very same people who had made a huge impact on my life seemed unreal.

I quickly became a Director in my small town and also started a blog and a social media business. With two children under the age of three, I was also a student getting a Master’s degree in early education (Don’t ask me why I didn’t go into business!). I found that I couldn’t handle everything all at once and eventually chose to professionally blog because it was easier to do within my busy schedule and a growing space as indicated in a New York Times mention (Thanks to Shaklee!). I was torn but I knew my Shaklee family and business would always be there. I knew someday I would go back to it but it was a matter of timing.

I was right, my business is still there for me and my customers still exist and I appreciate them. Someday I will resume my Shaklee business, when the time is right and I’m so fortunate I have that option and I look forward to that day

Roads diverge. We all take different paths and exits. Some of us follow-road maps while others wander. In the end, we come back to where we’re meant to be.

Full circle, I would say.

Sommer Poquette social media consultant talking on social media for your business.

So, here I am six years later and on stage talking about using social media to build your Shaklee business. It is all very surreal to me to be there with the company that took me there in the first place. Perhaps everything really does happen for a reason?Nashville 2013

While my role with Shaklee has changed and I’m a consultant, I was still inspired in all the same ways I was six years ago.

  1. I heard inspiration stories from our vast field of distributors and watched business leaders take the stage as we, the audience, honored and celebrated their growth and success.
  2. I felt the positive Shaklee energy and learned how people started their business, how they’re growing and more importantly, WHY they love Shaklee.
  3. I heard from Dr. Jamie McManus, Shaklee’s Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Science, and Education who continues to teach me about health and living a well-balanced life.
  4. I got a major dose of inspiration from Roger Barnett, Shaklee’s Chairman and CEO, and Dan Rajczak, Shaklee’s President for North America and Corporate Chief Operating Officer.

Taking the stage and helping to teach others to use social media for their business, it was an honor but the real joy came from all the people I met and it reaffirmed the love I have for what I do each day and for the great company I’m happy to be part of.

If you’re reading this and not sure if Shaklee is for you, if you’re on the edge of deciding to build a Shaklee business I hope I’ve inspired you with my story and motivated you to take a leap of faith.


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