It’s been awhile since I shared with you some of what I read online and give some props to some amazing bloggers and online pals. Here are some great reads that I’m certain will not disappoint you:

  • A year of juicing with none other than Esther Crawford who I know you’ll love to pieces! Go Esther for buying that juicer and adding more veggies and fruit into your life!
  • Pizza is still a vegetable according to schools but guess what, school lunches are getting a make-over! Read more about this over at Healthy Child Healthy World and be sure to weigh in with your opinion.
  • Cast Iron is the winner according to SafeMama! When it comes to non-toxic cooking cast iron takes the prize!
  • Where does your state stand when it comes to safer chemical regulation? You might be surprised when you read the latest news from Safer Chemicals!

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