7 Tips for Booking with Airbnb Abroad

For my upcoming trip to Germany and Ireland, we are primarily staying at Airbnb’s. I have not booked international home rentals but I do have experience with other home rental services and I have learned a thing or two over the years about what makes all the difference when booking and being happy.

Utilize Search Filters. This seems obvious but it is easy to skip these steps if searching on your mobile. If you search using the filters, you will find properties that meet your needs. For example, I knew that for our upcoming trip I wanted four beds, on-site laundry and a kitchen. This saved me time and disappointment.

7 Tips for Booking with Airbnb

Do not focus on Price. That sounds odd but it is true. If you want to filter out high-end properties, ok. Otherwise, be open-minded. Many homes we looked at were just over our budget or under our budget by a few dollars. Had I been strictly set on only spending $100 a night I could have missed homes for just over $100 that were in a better neighborhood or closer to public transportation.

Think outside the box. Consider staying outside the bustling city. You can often find larger homes, nicer homes with more amenities for a lower cost per night.

Read the Reviews. If a home is priced just right but the reviews are terrible or there are no reviews, it might not be worth taking the risk. It also might be worth spending a little more to rent a home with many positive reviews. Always read the reviews!

7 Tips for Booking with Airbnb

Ask Questions. If I am not sure about a home, I message the owner and inquire. If I want to negotiate something or inquire about something they list, I ask. Never assume.

Download the App. This is a lifesaver when you are traveling. You can quickly pull up your rental, the owner information and contact them if needed. Do not leave home without downloading the app.

Know the Details. Be sure to read what your host’s cancellations policy is and what your rights are if a host cancels on you, which can happen. In fact, my co-worker had this happen!

What tips do you have for being a happy vacation renter?

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