Choosing glasses online - tips and tricks

I wear eyeglasses every single day. Wearing the same pair is a bore. Which is why I love to have multiple pairs. Not a shocker because I am an eyewear fanatic – which can be expensive, unless you are frugal. I’ve learned over the years that if I want multiple pairs of frames, I need to shop smart.  Which is why I’m excited to have partnered with I can buy eyeglasses online and prescription sunglasses at bargain prices and they are high quality. Pictured above, I’m wearing the retro rectangle eyewear frame in tortoise. I personally love how they fit my face, how they blend with my complexion and skin tone and most importantly how light and comfortable they are.

Shopping for Eyewear Online

I am asked all the time, isn’t it hard to shop for eyewear online? Don’t you need to try them on first?  If you’re a newbie to online eyewear shopping, let me give you some quick tips because no, you don’t need to try them on first.

  1.  Have your prescription and PD handy from your eye doctor. If you do not have your PD, you can measure your PD at home. Your PD is important because it determines your lens width.

How to choose eyewear online - tips and tricks.

2.  If you have a favorite pair of frames at home, use these as a reference. The inside arm of your eyeglasses should have three numbers for you to reference. Frame width, lens width and lens height. If you’re in love with your current pair because they feel good and look good, use those numbers when shopping. lets you search using those numbers as a reference.

3.  Choose a pair that fits your face shape and skin tone. You don’t want a frame that is too large for your face or too small. If you’re not sure what style works for you, go to a local eyewear shop and try on different frames for a reference.

4.  Read the reviews. If a customer says a pair was heavy, for example find a new pair. You want to choose lightweight frames for comfort.

5.  Choose a pair that fits with your personality. There are lots of frames that look good but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Not every trend is right for every person.

6.  Use the try on feature. Take a photo straight on and upload it. This gives you a general idea of what the frame might look like on your face.

7. Don’t stress, return the eyeglasses if you’re not satisfied. I’ve returned a pair or two over the years and it’s okay.

More tips for choosing online eyeglasses can be found at

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