Work From Home Parents on How to Survive a Snow Day

All children dream of having a snow day. A day where they wake up and white stuff blankets the ground. A day where they can stay in the pajamas, go sledding and watch television. Some children even go so far as to put spoons under their pillow, wear their pj’s inside out and do a snow dance (among other things)…all with high hopes that these rituals will result in a snow day.

A working parent’s nightmare – that’s what a snow day is. Especially when you’re completely caught off guard and unprepared, like with no childcare and all day meetings in the office.

This was me last Friday. I woke up at 6:30 to get myself ready and had a text from my husband telling me there was no school. The roads were bad. It was a snow day. After saying a few not so nice words, screaming into my pillow and throwing a minor adult fit…I pulled myself together.

I was going to make sure I still was productive working from home (my boss is awesome) and the kids were going to have a fun snow day. Here’s how I managed to make this possible and you can too.

 1.  I let the kid’s sleep in. Work while they’re sleeping and get as much done as possible. If they wake up early, allow television or electronics. It won’t kill them and it’s not for the entire day. Just maximize the sleepy morning hours. PJ’s rule.

2.  Cereal all the way. Cereal isn’t usually on the breakfast menu in my house but on snow days I need to make things easy so the kids can help themselves while I work from home.

3.  Invite friends over. I know, I know, you might think I’m crazy but I’m not (just partially). If you let them have friends over, it keeps them from fighting with each other.

How to Survive a Snow Day for Work at Home Parents – Healthy Grab and Go Snacks4.  Have healthy grab-and-go snacks. Take a few minutes and put out healthy snacks so the kids can eat between meals and not bother you. If your children are older, this is 100% doable. For me, I choose Mini-Baybel cheese (individual sized, only 70 calories or less, 4 grams of protein) pita crackers, baby carrots and hummus.

 How to Survive a Snow Day for Work at Home Parents – Board Games are the Key

5.  Plenty of Fun Board Games. I stacked the table with fun board games and said, “Go to town!” The only rule is they have to clean up one game before they can get a new out.

How to Survive a Snow Day for Work at Home Parents – Let them Build Forts

6.  Let their Imagination Soar. Encourage them to build forts and let them use whatever pillows and blankets they want. Give them flash lights and the sofa cushions and tell them to have fun. You will be shocked at how many hours this will keep them busy. I gave two 11-year-old boys this Fort Building Kit and they spent over two hours building a fort!

How to Survive a Snow Day for Work at Home Parents – Send them Outside for Fresh Air7.  Get them outside. Unless it is below zero and dangerous out, bundle them up and set them free! Let them build snow forts, go sledding and make snow angels. This will tire them out and you’ll get some peace and quiet.

How to Survive a Snow Day for Work at Home Parents – Rent a Movie8.  Movie Time. After they come in from outside, they’ll be tuckered out and ready to lay inside their forts and watch a movie. They might even crash and take a nap (if you’re lucky).

I hope that these tips help you survive an unexpected snow day. The key is to embrace the insanity and unexpected. I have to give a big shout out to Mini Baybel for sending me the samples (my family loved them) and helping to sponsor this fun and not anticipated snow day. It is ALWAYS an adventure during the long winter months so why not make the unexpected fun?!

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