9 Coffee Filter Hacks

Many of us have either updated our coffee maker or received a newer coffer maker over the years. In some cases, we are left with unused paper coffee filters that we either have to throw out or find other uses for them. Here are 9 Coffee Filter Hacks that you may find useful. Either use your unused coffee filters that you already have at home or purchase them at your local store.  They really are very handy to have in your home.

Other nifty uses for coffee filters:

  1. Cheesecloth- Remember the woven pieces of cheesecloth material that our mothers used to have in the house for pickling or bouquet garni. Well, you could use coffee filters to hold whole spices that you wish to add in food that is cooking. All you need to do is place the whole spices in the coffee filter, gather the top and tie it together. Add it into the pot and discard once the food is cooked.
  2. Strainer- Use a coffee filter to strain hot bacon grease from your frying pan. The coffee filter will catch all the little crumbs so you can reuse the grease if you wish to do so. This is one of my favorite uses!
  3. Plant Pot Liner- Use the paper filters to line your plant pots when you are moving them to larger pots. Simply place the filter in the bottom and top it with potting soil. The filter will prevent the small bits of soil that seem to escape the pot when they are watered.
  4. Oil Remover- Keep a couple of these stashed in your purse as they are great for removing sweat, grime and oil from your face. All you need to do is to place them over the oily spot on your face and dab the oil away.
  5. Replaces Cotton Balls- If you happen to polish your nails and need to take the old nail polish off and are out of cotton balls, use torn coffee filters to remove old nail polish. Simply dab with remover and wipe away.
  6. Clean Computer Screens- These work great for cleaning computer and television screens. Simply spray or dry wipe with a coffee filter to remove dust buildup. They leave no particles of fluff behind.
  7. Wrap Tortillas- Wrap tortillas in a dampened coffee filter before putting it in the microwave. It will prevent the tortilla from drying out and it will be soft and yummy.
  8. Sandwich Wrap- Cut down on your use of plastic and use a coffee filter to wrap your sandwich before placing it in your plastic container. It will absorb some of the moisture, leaving your sandwich fresh and not soggy.
  9. Line Your Cast Iron Pans– Many of us have cast iron fry pans in our homes. Coffee filters are great for placing in between these pans before we put them away. The fiber draws any dampness away from the pan and helps to eliminate any rust from forming.
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Coffee filters are economical and can be used in place of many things in our home. Save yourself some money by making sure that you have coffee filters on hand. They can also stop the bleeding from minor cuts. What coffee filter hacks do you have up your sleeve?

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