If your desk is like mine or your wallet you’ll understand my insane passion with NeatDesk.  Especially during the holiday shopping season! Receipts seem to pile up because of course I am saving them in case I have to return or exchange something!  I am still going through business cards in my desk and purse from the last conference and business trip!

What is NeatDesk?

A simple all in one scanner and software for your desk that lets you scan documents, receipts and business cards (multiple items at one).  One scanner with software that allows you to organize the “paper” on your desk into digital files and export data for record tracking, expense reports and yes tax season. You can capture information and create your own searchable data base (the way your brain works) and quickly pull up information when you need it – without searching through piles on your desk…you know the ones!

NeatDesk is helping me to get organized and hopefully stay organized. With tax season on the horizon I can already see how NeatDesk will be helpful to scan my receipts and export data to my Quickbooks® for easy accounting and tax preparation a year from now!  Boy how I wish I could take a time machine and the NeatDesk with me to last year when I was trying to be organized with my book keeping for tax season!

Planning and Organizing

With Neat Desk the possibilities are endless. For a blogger and business woman this handy desktop item lets me keep contacts, receipts, important documents, business cards and projects organized.   It takes up little to no room and keeps my desk almost clutter free!

For the mom and homemaker I can keep shopping receipts for quick returns handy. Track birthday party expenses, holiday gifts card lists, birthday’s, grocery lists and menus, bills and important files all neatly organized in digital files that I drop into DropBox and can have on the go! Handy!

Just in Time for the Holidays

It isn’t too late to grab the NeatDesk for your loved one or the blogger in your life! Amazon is currently offering $180 off (36% savings)!  Trust me; this will be the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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