Puff Ball Stomp Camping this last weekend was a blast! I love camping. Besides squatting in the middle of the night and suffering a major bug bite on my bottom or a bat swooping into my hair I survived. I did burn my arm making goulash on our camp fire but boy did it taste good. The kids rode their bikes, scooters and had feet as black as tar.

It was a blast.

I fell asleep in the reclining lawn chair reading a book by the camp fire. The kids only spent one of the three nights entertained by electronics and otherwise it was nature hikes, camp fire stories, spears thrown into the grass, flash light tag, card games and building with sticks and rocks.

We bought a pop-up to upgrade from a tent a blow up mattress I have to admit a few things and I hope my husband is not reading this:

1.  The air mattress is more comfortable than the pop-up camper foam mattress.

2.  The tent means less to haul and is lighter.

Even admitting this after insisting we buy this camper I have to tell you I love it. I love feeling above ground with storage features, a fridge, table and room to sit if there is a storm. I love our pop-up camper and after the weekend we just had I’m ready to upgrade.

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I’m ready for a fifth wheels or bigger camper. I like amenities while camping and experiencing nature. I took a bike ride and cruised the other lots to see the other campers.  Admiring their gear and set up, checking out their rigs and thinking I can appreciate nature and a good bed at the same time.

We have a few more weeks of camping before the snow falls and next summer I plan to make a habit of going regularly.  Seeing more Michigan camp grounds and enjoying my children, family and outside time – there is something about looking at the stars, smelling like camp fire and hearing the crickets.

How do you camp with a tent or camper?

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