I used to love the book by Dr. Seuss, The Lorax. Shucks, I still do! I am also very excited to see the movie on Friday, March 2nd which is a project of Universal Pictures. The preview looks not only funny, well animated and colorful but something that my children will enjoy while learning about the importance trees play to our everyday life. From providing us with beautiful landscapes and colors to growing food fruits like apples, cherries, oranges and filtering our air for clean oxygen to breath. Trees that are so easily taken for granted with the sprawling development of homes, buildings and parking lots.

Taking the Lesson Home

I love movies that are chalked full of meaningful lessons. Lessons that can be talked about after you leave the movie and not just about who played what character and if the children thought this or that was funny. The movie has the potential to teach children many lessons and probably even adults too! One lesson that I’d like my children to take away from seeing the movie is how important our trees are at growing healthy food for us to eat. Children might not realize which foods grow on trees and that if we did not have trees we would not have cherry trees and without cherries how can we have cherry pie or fresh cherries that make for great pit spitting contests in the summer.

A Healthy Lorax Snack

After the movie or even the next day provide a healthy plate of fresh fruit for children’s afternoon snack.

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You will need: Apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, bananas and cherries {or substitute other fresh fruit that’s in season}.

  1. Ask the children to guess which fruits grow on trees. It might surprise you what they say! Discuss where different fruits grow and come from. Have you ever gone to an orchard, picked raspberries, apples, etc. and where was this fruit growing? Bushes, trees or in the ground?
  2. Ask the children what types of foods are made from the fruits that grown on trees. Brainstorm together all of the foods they like to eat such as applesauce, orange juice, apple pie, banana splits, etc. Have fun with it and even look in the cupboards and refrigerator to see what you have.
  3. Discuss with the children the different vitamins and nutritional value of fresh fruit. Why do we need fresh grown food and how does it make us healthier?
  4. Refer back to the movie and see if the children can remember what it was like in the movie with no trees and what colors the different fruits are on the trees and how pretty this makes our world.

The possibilities are endless for taking this healthy and delicious snack and discussion to the next level. Visiting an orchard, going to the library, painting a picture or surfing the web – learning about the importance of trees, what they grow and why we need them is limitless!

Helpful gardening and nutrition websites to support this edible lesson include:

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Other Lessons with the Lorax

Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

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  1. Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’s birthday too, so the movie release is such great timing! I think these are great ideas for educating your children about their food and the environment. 


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