My favorite thing about Friday is the idea I have more time with my family. My husband is home more to help me and the projects we have on our to do list might actually get done. I also love catching up on reading my favorite blogs, RSS subscriptions, commenting on my readers blogs and stumbling. I’ve become addicted to stumbling! If you haven’t used stumble upon, you should.  It’s free to create an account and you literally stumble through blogs and websites and find new content and sassy reads. It’s great! You can see some of my stumbles and find some great blogs and sites I frequent. If you ever want to stumble, kirsty or digg my post or any site (this is a frequent email question) then you just have to click on the word below that is under my post or any other blog post. It’s E-A-S-Y!

If you make time during the weekend to view sites, read emails and just enjoy new content here are some of my recommendations this week….

Green Daily posted something entertaining about Lindsay Lohan and her dedication to recycling clothing. I found it interesting and kind of like those no brainer television shows. I didn’t have to comprehend anything major like my carbon footprint!

Playgroups Are No Place For Children has a great post about shutting off the computer and spending time with your children. I LOVE this blog because she’s witty, funny, and honest and down right to the point.

The best blog of the week, that I’ve read so far has to go to Healthy Green Moms! Monica has become a great friend of mine but until I read this post, I had NO idea what she had been through and how living an alternative life style had helped her overcome her depression and struggle with drugs and a family history of mental illness.  Very few bloggers are this transparent and truthful.

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