I own a Bible. A few of them actually.  Tiffany from Nature Moms wrote a post about a “green” Bible that is going to be printed and it made me think a little more about our green religion debate. Oh, what a heated debate.  Tiffany asked readers if they would buy a Bible because it was quote unquote, green.  I thought about this and realized she’s right, those I know that tell me they are very relgious don’t believe in this global warming stuff. On the other hand, I notice many churches going green and hear of more and more green church activities.  So, if this so called green bible is drawing attention to the earth and how we should be more respectful of it because of God…well, then good.  Maybe I should gift this to the skeptics? It also helps those that are religious and earth friendly prove a point.  Would I buy it, no. I have my beliefs and my Bibles and don’t really need another bible pointing me towards God or going green. I’m already there on both levels.  Sustainablog just reviewed this green Bible and has a neat take as well.

I still hold to my belief that there is too much judgment in the green community and the segmenting is turning green beliefts into a relgion but this is seperate from the a green Bible being published.  You can read more about this great debate and the discussion that took place and feel free to chime in.  I agree with Tiffany, publishers are riding the green wave but the Bible is going to be published and be a top seller, like she points out.  So sure, why not green it up, make it more earth friendly and point naysayers in the right direction and give those that need some relgious support a environmental leg to stand on?  Whether it exploits the green movement or not I would have to say, nah. At first I thought yes but remember the Bible will be published regardless of whether the publisher draws attention to environmental references and uses recycled paper.   I really don’t see any harm in this, what do you think?

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