I’m blushing! My new best friends, Dori and Val read my email on their 5/7/08 podcast and I just listened to it (they say “clean and green” mom but we know, I’m GREEN & CLEAN Mom). I sent them an email asking them about waxing a very sensitive part of the body and whether that was very “green”. Seriously, I say I’m a Green & Clean Mom but my hubby says then I should also be “clean”. Please don’t get the impression I’m not clean but he means, clean as in bare! Not a topic I generally blog about or care to discuss but what is the greener option when it comes to waxing down there? I thought who better to ask then my BFF’s. Isn’t that what friends are for? Except, I thought maybe they’d email me back with the answer but it’s too funny of a topic not to discuss, so of course they’d read it. Duh! Thank goodness they took my side! My husband was very disappointed. I haven’t exactly decided what I will do but being manicured is not a crime, so that has led me to do some research after listening to their show.

Listen to the podcast and hear their discussion on my email question. If you’re not a loyal listener (like me) then you should really become one. They have great tips and frankly, they make me laugh every time I listen. Probably because people like me write them crazy emails about bikini waxes!!! I also did some research and found out that there’s actually a Get Waxed service in California that uses a organic, natural product. In my neck of the woods, we don’t have this service but the spa I frequent will soon hear about some of the lovely products I have researched (not saying I’m going to use them down there). The ladies over at Beauty Brain talk about organic hair removal and a process called threading. I have a good friend who had her eyebrows threaded and she cried. I’m going to pass on this service for the southern region. Just my opinion though, I don’t favor pain. Ideal Bite mentions a spa in New York that uses a organic honey wax with no parabens or chemicals for brazilian waxes (OUCH). I’m shaking my head very fast and have my legs crossed tightly. I found another spa that only uses 100% certified organic products and they use a sugar wax down there. If your a DIY type person, GiGi Wax sells brazilian wax kits that they claim to be all natural and you can just heat the stuff in the microwave. I wouldn’t deem this safe or trust the all natural part but hey, maybe you’re really talented, brave or stupid? Personally, I say leave the waxing for the professionals, but I won’t even touch my own eyebrows! If your thinking of having a waxing service done because it is bathing suit season you should do some reading about the difference between a bikini and a brazilian wax. I love Oprah and she once had an audience member say a brazilian wax hurt more than childbirth! So let me know what your thoughts are on what is more green and if you know of some organic products on the market for waxing. I’ll be sure to let me BFF’s know all about your responses!

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