Meshing Green and Clean Mom with my full-time job as the Great Start Collaborative director for Charlevoix, Emmet and Northern Antrim counties in Michigan is not something I usually do. Green and Clean Mom is a personal blog and does not reflect the opinions of my employer (see disclaimer) but I finally found a way that I can use my hard work online and years of connections, contacts and writing to help those locally. Many bloggers are very local in their actions but for the most part I have been national with very few of my local neighbors having any idea of national press or recognition; which is fine by me but I’ve always wanted to do more locally. Well, now is my chance and I’m amazed at the turn out so far!

The Story. The Connection. How Can You Help?

As a director of a community collaborative I attend a lot of human service meetings and attend a lot of events that support the community and children 0-5 and their families. This February, I am chairing the children’s area for a local event run through our United Way called Project Connect:  A day of services for our neighbors in need. The kids area is primarily for 0-5 aged children and we have activities, games, bags of items for families to take home for their children, prizes for the children to win, educational information on brain development for 0-5 aged childrens with activities for parents to do that support brain development. This year I am on a mission to make this area eco-friendly and as non-toxic as possible – which is where you can come in!

I’ve always believed that as children are developing and the greatest amount of brain development takes place between the ages of 0-5 that reducing environmental toxins is of the utmost importance. My goal is to create 150 bags for parents and children filled with non-toxic, eco-friendly items from diapers, bottles, sippy cups, cost effective non-toxic cleaning and baby care recipes, safe baby care items, etc. We like to offer giveaways for larger items or books where we do not have 150 copies or that are geared more towards older children or parents.

Thus far I am fortunate to have gotten donations from Skoy Cloths, Kids Konserve, Think Green, The Soft Landing, Tee’s For Change, Itsabelly, Seventh Generation, the Imagination Box Company and the list is growing! I would love to add your company to this list and if you believe you have a product for children 0-5 or their family to help fill the 150 bags or for a giveaway item please contact me and I will provide you with a form and address for donation mailing. The form will be used to keep track of the donations and to send you a thank you with the 501 (c) 3 number for charitable donations. In addition, posts that mention the event or press releases that I personally do will mention your company as well as a public thank you here at Green and Clean Mom.

Here are some examples of what we are planning on doing and are looking for:

Baby lotion, bath soap or shampoo scoring below a 2 at the Skin Deep Data Base
Diapers that are chlorine free, reusable or cloth.
Eco-friendly non-toxic wipes that are chlorine free for families or items and recipes for making your own wipes.
Breastfeeding support such as nipple cream.
Baby Wearing Wraps that are organic.
Books for parents on making their own cleaners or kits.
Eco-friendly art supplies.
Non-Toxic PVC, Phalate FREE toys, teethers, bibs, tableware and feeding gear.
Donations of natural hand sanitizers such as Clean Well.
Organic cotton bibs, blankets and items for baby to wear.
Eco-friendly vegan toddler shoes from companies like Simple.
Coupons for organic yogurt, milk, dairy and other products.
Eco-friendly laundry soap.
Vinegar or baking soda that we will give out with home-made recipes on making your own cleaners economically to save money.
Wooden or natural toys that are safe for kids to play with such as toys from Sprig, Natural Pod or other companies.

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