Having a Theme Song: Happy

My fellow 3rd grade teachers and I have a theme song: Happy by Pharrell Williams. We like to play this for each other if someone is having a tough day (everyone has them).  We like to play it on Monday’s to start the week off HAPPY and play it on Friday’s because we’re HAPPY that we have the weekend ahead of us to be with our family. The theme is to be happy because we’re alive, we’re healthy, and we teach for a great school, we have each other as fellow teachers and wonderful students! Happy! Happy! Happy!

When I saw this YouTube video of the Detroit Academy of Arts and Science singing the song Happy by Pharrell Williams it made me very, very, happy! It is so wonderful to see the talent of students and their smiles and cheerful voices. If you like the song like I do take a moment to watch these children sing this song and share their talent. I guarantee it will make you smile!

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