Eating healthy and not breaking the budget can certainly seem impossible – especially if your choice is organic all the time with no exceptions. I’ve share some simple coupon tips to help you save dollars at the register but I’m learning that e-mealz offers menu planning with your life style choices {low calorie, low fat, organic, etc.} with a budget in mind. Every Thursday a new budget conscious menu is emailed to and completed grocery list where you see the quantity of food to buy and the cost associated with the grocery item.  Get a sneak peak of a sample Whole Foods menu and shopping list and I promise you – you’ll squeal in delight wondering where this has been all of your life!SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANS

 e-mealz concept is genius and only leaving you to grocery shop and prepare the food! Okay, that’s a lot but your menu, grocery list and budget stays in-tact and the food menu is well balanced and as healthy as you decide to make it! Of course there’s a low cost associated for the menu and grocery list being emailed to you weekly but the cost can be as low as $58 for the entire year! How cheap is that!

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Founded by two mothers with seven kids between the two of them, the get meal preparation cost and hassles! I’m so thankful this program was designed by someone in my own shoes! So give it a try and tell me what you think! Let’s start eating more at home, saving money and making our lives easier! Oh and did you know it is endorsed by Dave Ramsey?

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