Two days until the Easter bunny comes and my son is very excited. We have a special key that we purchased from Hallmark that he calls the “Magic Key”. Santa comes down the chimney but how does the Easter bunny get into the house? Good question and so the key solves my problem. We will put this special key outside our door and that is how the bunny will come in and hide our Easter baskets. He cannot wait to put the key outside! It’s like putting cookies out for Santa. Maybe we’ll even leave a carrot next to the key? How fun is that?

Two days for this mommy bunny to get her stuff together and I’m determined to buy useful things for the baskets. Here are some of my tips for making your child’s Easter basket a little more earth friendly. I can’t be perfectly green but every little bit counts and I’m determined to hold on to some nostalgic Easter memories (Peeps, anyone?).

*For me personally, I’m dying Easter eggs the old fashion way (no luck with all of the natural dye recipes) but I’m going use organic eggs and only dye exactly what we will eat. No waste!

*I have old cards, wrapping paper, scrap paper and newspaper that I am going to shred for the Easter baskets. This will replace the plastic grass that just gets everywhere anyhow! Afterwards, I am going to save the material and use it for shipping purposes.

*Reuse the baskets I have in my house. I am not going to go and buy another darn basket or plastic beach pale! No way! I have tons of old baskets floating around the house and the kids don’t really care about the container anyhow. It’s what’s inside.

*Made in the U.S.A. products happen to be what I am searching for to fill the baskets. They might not all be 100% green in material but they support local companies, the product isn’t being transported overseas and wasting crude oil and polluting (a green point).

Why not? Great tips for free!

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