A letter from camp=a mother with a big smile.

My son is away at camp for the first time. When I leave him for work I know who he is with and I do not worry if he’ll change his underwear, brush his teeth or be cold at night.

This has been tough on me.

It isn’t one night but 6 nights of not having my son his own bed. Each night I go to check on him and he isn’t there. It feels so empty and yes, I cry.

This has been tough on me.

Worries swirl through my head. The weather has been cold and rainy and I wonder if he is warm. Will he wear a sweatshirt or tell someone if he is cold.  What if someone makes fun of him and hurts his feeling. Did he fall and scape his knee. Oh the worries swirl.

This has been tough on me.

He is growing up. He needs to learn how to speak up, put a sweatshirt on his body if he is cold and stand up for himself.  Homesickness is part of life but at the end of the day we are always there for him- no matter where life might take him.

Motherhood is tough.


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