What’s your child’s favorite time of day? If I could guess what my daughters is it would be bath time. My daughter has been in love with water since she was 4 weeks old. When my daughter was an infant the only way I could calm her down was to sit in the bathroom and run water. At 6 months old we enrolled her in swim class and before that she would play in the dogs water dishes, toilets, or anything else she could get her hands on Other then no longer playing in toilet water or the dogs dishes not much has changed in the way of her water addiction.

Since my daughter has such an interest in water it’s my job to support that positive, educational, and environmental play. Bath time is one of those times. My daughter loves to clean herself, the bathtub, and her toys. Because she loves bath time and spends a fair amount of time playing in the tub it’s important that she is safe. To me part of being safe is ensuring that the products she is putting on her body, the tub, and her toys are safe and non-toxic.

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I was given the opportunity to review a line of children’s bath and body care called Little Twig, which reports that they only use effective organic and botanical ingredients in their products. My daughter has sever allergies and eczema so I am cautious about what I put on her body but after reading the ingredients we gave it a try. I can’t say that the products made her skin allergies any better but they didn’t make them any worse. We were sent the shampoo, detangler and bubble bath, which we really enjoyed and more importantly so did our daughter. Little Twig sent us the small sampler bottles which made it easy for our daughter to use herself, which she loved too.

My daughter has never had a problem with dumping water over her face so it’s important to us the products that could be getting into her eyes are non irritating; luckily Little Twig past the test. Not only did they pass that test but the products we used were phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free, nut, soy and wheat free, hypoallergenic and smelled great, without adding synthetic fragrances. Way to go Little Twig!

Little Twig helps the environment by using organic and Eco friendly products but I also liked that they went above and beyond by donating 15% of the purchases made every Wednesday to charitable organizations that benefit the environment and children as well as 1% of sales to environmental groups around the world.

If my daughter were to have skin irritations, breathing problems or burning eyes during or after her bath it would take away from the enjoyment and love she has of water and bath time. I think it’s important our children’s hobbies as well as their personal and environmental safety start at home and that’s what we are trying to do. One might not think that a simple bottle of shampoo, conditioner or soap is going to make that much of an impact on a kid but guess what, it can.

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