KiwiLogoI discovered this publication call Kiwi Magazine and it is perfect for families looking for ways to go green and be more Eco-friendly. They have yummy recipes and Eco-friendly craft ideas. I love the craft ideas because like most moms I’m always looking for fun things to do with my kids. Aren’t we all? What do you do with those packing peanuts, toilet paper rolls and box’s? This magazine is filled with ideas of all kinds to help you live a healthier more organic natural lifestyle. Like everything, you use the ideas that apply to your family or that will work for you.

kiwi magazineCurrently they are having a 2010 Young Chef contest for the youngsters that love healthy cooking. I just love this idea and hope my children will enjoy creating family meals and treats for our family. The grand prize includes a feature in the magazine and $2500 to hopefully put towards a college fund! Make sure if you know of a child that loves to get in the kitchen you share this contest with them! The giveaway ends May 31, 2010 so there’s lots of time to get cookin’!

Another great thing I love about Kiwi Magazine is that they giveaway stuff and I love giveaways and contests but this “stuff” is geared toward what I’d like to win verses products I won’t buy or use. I think everyone should win something and this magazine gives you a chance so why not check it out? They have a newsletter you can subscribe to that is full of fun tips also. I can’t even describe all of the neat stuff this hip, trendy and vibrant magazine offers.

Go online today and subscribe and you can save 58% and they will make a donation to World Vision. An excellent Christmas, Birthday or Baby shower gift if you happen to be looking for one. Even if you aren’t give yourself and your family this gift.  They even have a online edition coming soon for those that would rather save paper and just read online.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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