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I have a spa and I love it. I don’t have a bathtub so my spa is my tub. I love soaking it and it completely relaxes and soothes me. It helps my lower back, so that’s a plus. I know, it consumes energy and it’s not necessarily the “green” thing to have. I have an SUV too so chalk this up as one more fault of mine. Regardless, I’ve struggled with the chemical aspect of having a spa. I hate the smell of chlorine and having a daughter with asthma, the chlorine smell worries me even more. Not to mention the harshness on my skin and hair. The next option, bromine and even though it is gentler it is still a chemical and has a smell. It’s worked well for me, three tablets over my filter and I’m good for a while.

Recently, I’ve tried Nature2 Spa as an alternative to chlorine and bromine. Nature2 is supposed to be mess free and last most spas up to four months. It’s easy to insert into your filter and for someone like myself making the switch it takes about a five or six days. I was informed four days but at first it was slimy and after an extra day or two it seemed just right. Nature2 uses the minerals copper and silver to destroy bacteria so it’s a natural way to keep a spa clean of bacteria. Nature2 Spa says they are an Eco-friendly choice because they reduce the use of chlorine. I agree but this doesn’t mean your spa is chemical free. It misleading at first because I thought I needed nothing but Nature2 but I needed a oxidant or shock treatment each time I used my spa. This is a chemical. Granted it is a small amount, it is not a chemical free way to have a spa.

There is no way to have a 100% chemical free spa, just a Eco friendly system that reduces the amount of chemicals needed to have a sanitary spa. I have to admit, it’s the way to go if you want an irritant free spa and no stinky chemical smell. You use fewer chemicals, just a small amount of an oxidant. I use as little as a teaspoon a week. When used in conjunction with an ozonator your spa is even more sanitary and killing bacteria with even less chemicals.

I know many families that have pools and they even has a system for above and in ground pools. My family just goes to the beach but were blessed with an abundance of lakes in my area. The pool systems seem like a great alternative to reducing the use of chlorine. This means no more red eyes, dry skin and green hair! My hair used to turn green when I was a kid from the chlorine. That can’t be good. Maybe that’s why I’m Green & Clean Mom! The Green Guide wrote an article about the effects of chlorine in pools and how it can cause respiratory problems and be hazardous to our health. It’s worth thinking of exploring alternatives such as Nature 2. They’ve been in business for 18 years with several patents and are the only EPA certified chlorine free mineral sanitizer. It’s either that or going for a salt water pool.

The give-away is for a Nature2Spa and 4-pack of Cense ($140 value) or a Nature2Express ($175 value) one reader has a chance to give Nature2 Spa a whirl in and see what they think. Perfect, if you have a spa that you’re dosing with chlorine. It’s a great alternative and all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me what you use now and how you feel about your child swimming in a chlorinated pool or spa. Do you worry about it?

Begins September 10, 2008 and ends September 17, 2008 and I invite you to read the offical G&CM rules.

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Kathy Scott Says:

My son has eczema and is miserable after being in a pool or hot tub. My sister uses salt in her pool which is wonderful.

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