Yesterday I cleaned my plate; I shed some responsibility of “extra” client work and volunteer work. Work I said accepted but I should have said NO too.  Responsibility I enjoyed and extra work that was good money but when I thought of the stress it was putting on me, the time away from my family – it did not seem worth it. I’ve resolved to make some necessary changes in 2013 and some of these mean I have to say no. I say the word no to my children daily so I should be really good at it, but I’m not. I always think I’ll disappoint someone, miss an opportunity or that I can handle it – it’s will just be a few extra hours of work (rolling my eyes). Nothing is just a few extra hours of work; I always go above and beyond!

How did I decide to let go, write those dreadful emails and make the phone calls? Truthfully, it was really easy making the decision and coming to the conclusion but the letting go was another story. I actually did not want to say good-bye or end anything but when I did…it felt like a million pounds were lifted from my shoulders.   To actually decide what I needed to” let go” of in 2013 I did the following and surprisingly it did not take very long, I think my sub-conscious knew all along.

Made a list of everything I enjoyed doing in 2012. What made me really, really happy. What gave me the greatest joy?

What in 2012 stressed me out the most?

What in 2012 made me the least amount of money?

What do I most look forward to in 2013?

When I answered these questions I could easily tell from the items that gave me the most contentment what I needed to continue doing. I tried a lot of things for my business in 2012 and some were wildly successful and some not-so much. Truthfully, some of them took me away from what actually made me happiness and it was just to make more money. I’m going the happy route in 2013 and hoping the money will follow.

When I looked at what stressed me out the most in 2012 it really came down to being away from my family and having to plan for my absence and catch up with work and home life. I’m the glue in my family and everything sticks fine when I’m gone but things start to unravel and become chaotic. I know I have to travel for work and I love this travel but extra travel or hours away from my family needs to be kept to a minimum in 2013. My hours are precious and so is my family and even thought I have always known this I haven’t respected it. 2013 will be different in this regard, which made it easy to see what extra responsibilities I needed to let go of to be home more. Maybe that peace sign my daughter is always toting on her shirt or the posters in her room is a sign or hint I need to find peace (scratch head)?

This is how I came to the conclusion to let go of certain tasks and spend my time on the responsibilities that will, in the end make me the happiest and provide me the most amount of time with my family. Hopefully this helps you make some choices, learning from my story.

Tell me, do you feel overwhelmed and need to let go of a few extra daily or weekly tasks to enjoy 2013?

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