I bought a puppy. I went to an antique fair and came home with a dog. Not exactly an antique but the breeder had a huge old antique sign that said, “organically” and he let me have that with the dog! So I guess I got both: antiques and a puppy! My story is actually really long but this is the short version: three years ago our St. Bernard bit my son in the face and since then he has been scared to death of animals. We have not had an animal since and one reason being we cannot agree on which pet is the right fit for our family. My husband loves large dogs and I’d rather not deal with large messes, large vet bills, large everything because I did that once. We had two St. Bernard’s and even though they were cute, I’m skeptical of them around children after our experience. I just am and I won’t get over this anytime soon after what I witnessed. We agreed to disagree and just not own a pet.

Then, I went to the antique fair. I didn’t think I would see two adorable Shih Tzus there and fall in love! Tiny but cuddly, not to intimidating and they have hair and don’t shed! Perfect for my daughter with allergies and asthma! I wanted this puppy to help change my sons outlook on animals and for me to help teach my children how to manage, care, respect and take care of an animal. So I got a dog and Green & Clean Dad wasn’t happy but now he’s in love too!  My son named our new puppy, Rex after T-Rex! Rex hasn’t even barked let alone shown us his teeth! My fearful son who wouldn’t come close to a dog is carrying Rex around and loving him to pieces. Rex, however, is in love with my daughter and can’t stop following her around.

Now I have to worry about what organic food to buy for Rex and should Rex be immunized? What about the BPA in his chew toys and dog dishes? Dog owners worry about this stuff too and if they care about their pet they should! Maybe I could consider Rex a business expense and I could try out new green dog products? There we go!! Green & Clean Dad might become more thrilled with my decision if I play the purchase this way!!! Either way, I have more stuff to research, write about and content to explore. Rex can be my mascot! As for the organic dog food, I think I have it figured out, Grandma Lucy’s! I wrote about this company before and have come to know one of the owners, Breanne. It’s a great choice for our little Rex but I have to see if he likes it and where I can purchase it locally. Any dog suggestions or products I just must try?

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