Green & Clean Mom proudly introduces, Melissa Bathish RN, MS, CPNP on board as a contributing author and consultant (she’s on the left and I’m on the right). With all of this health stuff I figured maybe it’s time to find someone who can give us moms another perspective. Melissa is a busy mom of four but she looks like she’s never given birth because she’s in tip top shape! Her children are 5,7,9, and 12 and with all of their various activities and demands, they keep her on her toes. She’s a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and nurse educator for the University of Michigan (Go Blue!).

Melissa’s Philosophy of health care as a mom, a nurse and a educator encompasses health promotion. She writes:

“What better place for health promotion to occur than in your own home? Join me each month as we explore pertinent health topics that can impact your health, the health of your family and of course mother earth! I look forward to this experience.”

Please note: The opinions expressed in Melissa’s posts are her opinions and do not serve as medical advice or guidance. The posts are for educational and information purposes only. Green & Clean Mom or Melissa Bathish will not be held responsible or accountable for actions taken due to any post or opinion. If you have a serious question, talk to your doctor!

Tomorrow, Melissa will post on facts about BPA and weigh in with her opinion and some helpful tips. If you’d like Melissa’s opinion on something please feel free to leave her a comment and a nice Green & Clean Mom welcome!!!

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