Nutritious Diet to Help with Depression, Anxiety and InsomniaYesterday I wrote about my natural approach to dealing with symptoms of depression, anxiety and my chronic insomnia. Besides taking the doctor’s advice I am making some other changes based on my own Google research (you know you Google stuff too)!  I’ve read that eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and healthy protein can help if you suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety. Luckily, the Shaklee 180™ program helps me stay on track but I can certainly add more vegetables and fruits into my smoothees and eat more of a plant based diet! For example, I love adding spinach to my smoothees or kale but I haven’t tried celery.

No more chemicals or wine/alcohol (gasp)! For the most part we eat very healthy in our family but I do have two bad habits. I like diet soda. (Do not cane me or lecture me, I know, I know but I am not perfect.) I enjoy a glass or two (or three) of wine. My research via Google tells me that these aren’t good choices for me right now, if ever. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener and though it is deemed safe for consumption it is a controversial ingredient that is a chemical and was created in a chemistry lab – not in nature. My diet soda is loaded with aspartame which probably is not a very healthy choice, which I have really known all along but now I have a good reason to break this BAD habit. And the vino, we’ll as much as I do enjoy this luxury item according to Kimberly Snyder alcohol is a depressant, and can heighten depression and anxiety. For now, I think cutting it out might be the best solution or at least limiting it to special occasions – I mean; I have to live life, right?

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This is my battle with feeling down, not sleeping and struggling with the constant anxiety over my to-list. Hopefully sharing my story and what I’m doing and what works for me will help you in some way shape or form but I highly suggest before making ANY changes in your diet or taking new supplements you talk with your personal physician. I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback, support and hear your story.

Disclaimer:  I link to the Shaklee Corporation products because this is what I use personally and what I recommend to others. I am a social media consultant for the Shaklee Corporation but I am not paid to link to their products or suggest this brand, it is just my opinion that these products are superior.

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