I’ve been contributing to Green and Clean Mom for about a month now, and I have a bio on the author page, but I thought it would be nice for me to properly introduce myself. Give you a little more background…

I’ve also got a few questions for you, to help me serve you better.

My wife and I have been married for 11 years, and we’ve got two daughters, ages 3 and (almost) 11, and another baby on the way (due in May). We’re homebirthers and homeschoolers.

We also had a baby boy, born in 2003, who passed away in his sleep at 11 months old. He was a normal baby with no symptoms, but it turned out that he had a hole in his heart (ventricular septal defect). He just went to sleep with a slight fever and never woke up. It was a transformative event: shocking, overwhelming, our worst fears realized. We made it through, but only because our community and our families lifted us up and carried us through the next year. I’m not sure what we would have done without them. It really brought home to me how important our “tribe” is to us as humans.

I also have two older children with a previous partner, a 20 and a 13 year-old. They’ve lived on the other side of the country from me for quite some time now, so we have only had a long distance relationship with each other. My oldest just moved nearby, so I’m getting to know her as an adult. That’s hard for a dad – I still think of her as my little girl, but I remember being twenty years old… My son is in the throes of becoming a man-boy, and I wish he lived closer so that I could be more involved with him as he goes through that transition.

We live on the Front Range in Colorado, and we’re organic gardeners, CSA members, and farmer’s market addicts. We’re also vegetarian. I’ve worked in the natural foods industry for almost 10 years, and I’m into woodcarving, cooking and sourdough bread-making, bouldering, slacklining, sustainable living skills, permaculture, and bicycles. My wife performs with a women’s a capella singing group, sews old-fashioned bonnets, belly dances, crochets and loves clothing swaps. Our oldest is into horses and our youngest is into whatever looks the most fun… Our kids sleep with us when they’re young, and we do cloth diapers and infant potty training.

We’re pretty crunchy.

We have a homestead property in New Mexico that is our dream sustainable living experiment. It’s out in the backcountry, and we need a well drilled and some roadwork done before we can really move any further toward our “ark” project. It’s lovely there. More elk than people, and still unspoiled. *sigh*

Enough about me.

My questions for you:

Are there any dads reading Green and Clean Mom?

Moms, what kinds of articles on G&C Mom do you currently recommend to your partner?

What topics would you like to see covered from a G&C Dad perspective?

I’m surprised you read this far. Now I have to think of a question. Hmm. Do you Twitter?

Leave a comment with your answer (and your Twitter address!), and let me know what I can add to Green and Clean Mom.

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