I am not a dog expert. In fact, I am timid around most dogs I meet and most that know me would say I’m not really a “dog” person but I love MY dog! I’m completely into doggie class with Ellie, I love shopping for her and buying her new toys, sweaters (she is short haired and gets cold), treats and just lovin’ her right up! I watch It is Me or the Dog on Animal Planet, I read books about dog training and I’ve paid a fortune for the Invisible Fence (well worth it)! I even have Pet Insurance because our last dogs cost us a fortune with health problems because of food allergies. Feeding a 200 pound St. Bernard home cooked white rice and chicken was no fun but it certainly helped him cope with his food allergies and at the time Science Diet, recommended by the vet was not working as an alternative.

Raw Food Diet, Yes or No?

With Ellie our Great Dane I’ve been very particular about what dog food to feed her and have chosen Innova big breed for puppies, taking the advice of our dog trainer and looking for the first three ingredients to consist of meat verses grain. I’ve been very happy with the dog food but lately Ellie has had some loose stools and itching so maybe there are allergies like our last dog, so again I begin researching.

I’ve come up empty handed because the opinions vary depending on who you speak with and what they’ve been told, their experience, their research and what their vet has told them. It’s a lot like having a child when it comes to decisions, advice and figuring it all out.

What I’ve Learned about the Raw Food Diet for Dogs:

♥Dogs aren’t humans and though we can love them like a human they have digestive tracks that are different than ours. They can handle raw meat and foods but safety wise their bowls and mouths can carry harmful bacteria that will make our kids and us sick, if we aren’t careful.

♥Depending on who you talk to there are many pros to feeding a dog a raw food diet but most importantly you have to look at balance and quality and learn about how to feed a raw food diet before just jumping into it!

♥There are brands out there like Honest Kitchen that is a dehydrated raw dog food that is simple to feed because you just add warm water! I have yet to try this type of dog food but it comes highly recommended from my dog trainer, Patty.

♥The United Kingdom is very pro the raw food diet and one of my favorite Great Dane websites and dogs to watch and learn from, Honey, loves her raw food.

♥My puppy could care less about a carrot but a steak she will do back flips for!

When I commented on Facebook about researching the raw food diet for my Great Dane puppy the conversation was heated and showed me how passionate people are about their dogs. So tell me, what is your opinion about the raw food diet for dogs and what do you feed your puppy?

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  1. As I told you on facebook we find our Great Pyrenees a mix of organic dry food and dehydrated raw food from Paw Naturaw. We love it because they test all the food, we can buy it locally, it's organic, and it full of lots of great things. She loves it and is very healthy even though she was near death when we rescued her. The vet is always shocked at how healthy she is and that even though she is spayed she is a healthy weight.

  2. We do dog sports for fun. Since our dogs our athletes dog sport people pay a lot of attention to dog food and diet. There are as many for and against BARF (bones and raw food) diet. If you're interested, get a good recipe from you vet and try it. Then evaluate with your vet how well your dog is doing.

    My dog is allergic to corn & wheat. After consulting a pet nutritionist I chose to feed him kibble because it's easier when we travel wth him than BARF. Currently I feed him California Natural Herring and Sweet potato. It's made with US sourced Human Grade ingredients (very important. A lot of dog foods aren't.) I like how the fish oil makes my Peke's coat shine. California Natural changed parent companies so they may or may not change their ingredient sourcing. To prepare if that happens I'm looking at Nature's Select, Wellness, and Fromm Family Pet Foods.


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