It has been awhile since I ranted, stomped my feet and waved my hands wildly over chemicals in cleaning or personal care products that are linked to cancer and are harmful to the environment and our bodies. My husband experienced one of these yesterday when he microwaved something in a plastic container and it made me realize I needed to share this behavior with the rest of the world – not just the one I married!

If you’re not already aware there are over 84,000 chemicals on the market today with only a fraction of these being tested for human safety. Companies aren’t required to disclose all of the ingredients they use in creating our cleaning products – which means we have a toxic brew on the shelf in a pretty package with clever marketing words flashing their message at consumers. Women’s Voices for the Earth has a stance on why companies should disclose ingredients and I whole heartedly agree. It’s why I use products such as Earth Mama Angel Baby and ecoStore USA (disclaimer: they are clients of mine). Unfortunately, companies aren’t all complying or doing what they could be doing to be honest with consumers.

Photo Credit: Women's Voices for the Earth

Women’s Voices for the Earth has created a very nifty visual that helps you find out how companies you are using and buying each day (big name brands) are doing at disclosing ingredients, removing toxic and potentially harmful ingredients and listing known allergens on the bottles. I have to say, bravo to Clorox for leading the way as a big brand.

On February 8, 2011 Clorox announced all of their fragrance ingredients in products along with the ingredients in dyes and preservatives. A major step in the right direction but the list does not associate the ingredient with a product – which is what I would like to see as a consumer, hello, duh?

As Women’s Voices for the Earth points out this “master list” also reveals a big failure on Clorox’s part:

“Unfortunately, this master list of fragrance ingredients also revealed that Clorox failed to keep its 2010 commitment to remove polycyclic musks from its products.Polycyclic musks are linked to hormone disruption, increased risk of breast cancer, and can break down the body’s defenses against other toxic exposures. These chemicals accumulate in our bodies and have been found in blood and breast milk.

In February 2010, Clorox announced the prohibition of polycyclic musks in its fragrances. The master list of Clorox fragrance ingredients released yesterday shows that Clorox fell through on that commitment; the list includes two polycyclic musks, galaxolide and tonalide. Polycycyclic musks have also been removed from Clorox’s prohibited chemicals list.”

So what can you do? What can I do? I mean seriously throwing a fit and getting upset only makes me feel better for a second and I look silly doing it. I agree with Women’s Voices for the Earth when they say we should thank Clorox for at least taking one step forward in the right direction; acknowledging a good deed is always necessary.  It shouldn’t stop there in putting pressure on companies for disclosing ingredients and giving the toxic potentially harmful ingredients the boot. If you like a brand or company that isn’t so “green” how about encouraging them nicely to make safer products, asking for disclosure of the ingredients and best of all when they ignore you take your money someplace else – to a brand that will disclose and is making safer products.

Bottom line, money talks so when your money walks companies notice!

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