At customs I was asked why I was visiting Canada. Business or pleasure?


I flew to Canada to visit the Kruger East Manufacturing facility and learn more about how toilet paper is manufactured and why you as a consumer would choose White Cloud GreenEarth™ toilet paper, the Smart Alternative™.

It is smart to go green.

It is smart to save money.

It is smart to stock up and never be without toilet paper.

It is smart to choose a brand that doesn’t green wash and believes in sustainability.

It is smart to vote with your dollar.

While visiting the manufacturing facility in Crabtree, Canada where 657 are employees at this one plant, I learned how technologically advanced toilet paper making is, how quickly the process happens and more over, why I am making a smart choice by being a White Cloud Mom – in more than one way!

  1. 1. Vision.  When a company has a vision for the future and it involves the environment from many angels, this is impressive. Kruger, Inc. explained their 2015 Sustainability Vision Commitment Action™ and I was happy to see the goals were reasonable. They aim to reduce their energy consumption, emissions, transportation emissions and water usage by 15%. For a company with expensive equipment that relies greatly on water to make their product and then ship and deliver the necessity of toilet paper Internationally, I found this to be a reasonable and measurable goal. Making White Cloud GreenEarth™ from 100% recycled fiber from everyday products, yields 30% waste from plastics (glues on envelopes), staples and wood. The waste has been reduced to ZERO from their recycling efforts of burning the waste for energy and recycling the sludge (recycling material that is mixed with water) for agricultural purposes.

2. Environmental Certification. White Cloud GreenEarth™ can proudly claim the Terra Choice certification and what this means to you as a consumer is when you buy White Cloud GreenEarth™ you’re voting with your dollar to support a company that is committed to the environment.

3.  5th Generation, Family Owned. I really feel this is something the company and Kruger family can be proud of. I like to hear that the company has changed hands or sold out for money but maintain their vision and dedication to a company and its mission. Seeing my husband run a family owned company and his hopes and dreams for our son and daughter, as well as his struggles makes me have more respect for the company. My impression from those I spoke with during the tour is that of great respect and admiration for Mr. Kruger and his family, this spoke volumes.

4.  Guarantee. If you look on the back of any White Cloud GreenEarth™ package you will notice a guarantee. For those thinking eco-friendly toilet paper sandpaper or something brown with sticks might come to mind. Not with White Cloud GreenEarth™, they guarantee you’ll like it or they’ll give you your money back! There is no risk when you make the smarter choice and choose White Cloud GreenEarth™, it truly is a premium, plush toilet paper made from 100% post consumer recycled product. After tying many products claiming to be “eco-friendly” and even being fooled myself, I assure you there is no comprise but perhaps an upgrade if you make the switch.

    Very few people are loyal to the brand of toilet paper they use, it’s about the sale. I get that but I strongly encourage you to join me in being a White Cloud Mom because it is the Smart Alternative™ and it is easy to make the choice at choosing a product from a company that is doing everything from recycling, using 100% post consumer recycled paper for White Cloud GreenEarth™, researching more energy efficient ways to operate the business and provide a low cost for you, the consumer. Many companies are green washing by marketing their product as green because they use a portion of recycled fibers or perhaps recycled content but they’re still using trees in their toilet paper making process, with White Cloud GreenEarth™, this is not the case.

    P.S. I have so many great pictures, videos and little fun facts I learned about toilet paper that I’ll share with you next week! Truly the process was amazing and you’ll never look at another roll of toilet paper again!

Disclosure: I am a White Cloud blogger, and I am compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.*disclosure: I am affiliated with White Cloud as a White Cloud Mom Blogger. However, all opinions shared here are my own.

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